Edmund Row



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Commencement Situation

A site spanning across two zoning precincts and two street frontages. One section zoned mixed use is part of a streetscape that is primarily commercial accommodation, the other is within a historic conservation zone consisting of turn of the century row houses.

Project Brief

Part of a larger mixed use design undertaken by Chasecrown, the proposed residential portion of this project was to form two parts. One integrating with the row houses on the Edmund street frontage, the other providing a buffer between the commercial component of the project whilst also providing a backdrop to the historic conservation zone.

Design Elements

The car park and blighted warehouse building were the disjointed end of the Edmund streetscape. Replacing this, three row houses were designed to essentially restore harmony in the streetscape. The careful combination of form, scale, material and colour, ensured that the new buildings restored the once broken streetscape.

The ‘buffer’ residential building is designed to form a distinct transition between commercial and residential uses. The building is clad in strip spotted gum timber and exploits commanding views over the Adelaide CBD.

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