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Commencement Situation

Located in the Historic part of Port Adelaide, the client purchased a 19th century engineering workshop with a view of converting it to a residence.

Project Brief

To convert the building utilising as much of the existing structure and other internal elements as possible. To enhance the existing voluminous space and promote the extensive Jarrah floors, bluestone walls and massive timber trusses.

Design Elements

We opted for a minimum intervention strategy. This desire to maintain the openness of the interior led us to explore open plan living to its extremes.

Two cylindrical elements act as activity focal points containing wet areas, robes and incorporate the stairs, which lead to open mezzanines for sleeping. The mezzanines are suspended from roof trusses providing support free space below. Carefully positioned, oversized skylights cut into the roof, flooding the interior with light. Mechanical items from the original engineering workshop were also integrated into the design, including a massive steel lathe converted into a bar and a series of overhead pullies cogs and motors, improvised to create a mechanised home entertainment unit, which can haul the unit from the living area to the sleeping mezzanine above.

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