Avenue Apartments, St Clair



Project Brief

Delivered in June 2015, Avenue is a five-storey building within the new St Clair residential development comprising of 59 apartments. To ensure that the project met its key objective of becoming a benchmark for future high density residential development in the new precinct, Chasecrown was engaged to play a key role throughout the project delivery as both Project Manager, Architect and Superintendent.

The site is located on St Clair Avenue, the major new boulevard through the development, a few hundred metres in from the main Cheltenham Parade entrance. Identified by the precinct developer as a pivotal entrance site, the development is critical in setting the urban identity and framework for the suburb.

As the site is visible from all sides, a key design challenge was to generate appropriate and unique responses to multiple boundary situations. Chasecrown’s solution employs a mix of architectural compositions that relate both to its adjacent lower scale built environment and create a high degree of visual interest due to its relative scale.

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